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Considering the Ethics of Bird Feeding

Bird feeding and watching is a hobby for many people across the globe that has turned into a very successful industry, with 20-30% of all households in the US putting out feed for birds. With its growing popularity, it is important to examine whether the feeding of birds is harmful or not to the wildlife.


There is much debate in the scientific community on if feeding has a positive or negative impact. In some studies, birds have been shown to have a reproductive/population benefit from feeding, however in other studies some birds suffer from feeding due to a nutritional deficit compared to the food from their natural habitat. There is also a risk of disease transmission, sickness from spoiled feed, and threats from domestic animals. The information however, does not stop most people from seeking this connection with wildlife. With this in mind, it is important to know how to setup feeders and offer proper feed to minimize negative effects from human interaction.


Click the icons below to explore information about the proper setup and maintenance of feeders, and the feed and feeder types available for use.


Proper Setup and Maintenance

Proper Setup and Maintenance

Feed and Feeder Types

Feed and Feeders

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